Best things to buy ready for your Ragdoll

ceramic cat fountain

ceramic cat fountain in which provides a constant, fresh water source for pets throughout the day and night. This fountain is great for your favourite pet as it offers 8 different water sources: 3 surfaces with flowing & moving water, 3 small waterfalls, a bubbling spring, and a calm water surface.This encourages felines to drink as research demonstrates that cats prefer and are more likely to drink from a flowing, more natural source of water.
This fountain was developed over two years by engineers in order to perfect a highly maintainable product. The fountain does not use a filter and can go in the dishwasher making cleaning it extremely easy. Most importantly, it only needs refilling once a week so is useful for pet parents that work long hours.

Ceramic cat water fountain

Motivates cats to drink
8 different drinking areas
Step by step video guide for set-up & usage included
Dishwasher friendly
90 days money back guarantee
Safe pump & 12 volt cable
Separate pot for cat grass
Handmade and fired at 1210 degrees
Made in Europe
Recommended by veterinarians


I highly recomend this fountain not only is it easy to clean but i have brought many fountains in the past and never have i came accross one that is very well made and so easy to set up my cats love it and it encorages them to drink more, this is the fountain you will see set up in my home that my cats/kittens are using :-) 

you can buy this from this link provided


excellent customer service if you have any problems ordering or you would like to ask more questions about this fountain please contact - [email protected]