Happytyme Leanty Lennox

Meet Lenny, a much sought after traditional Ragdoll. Mostly old English, Lenny's pedigree is very unusual. He is eight generations from the Raggedy Ann line (fully traceable). He epitomizes the breeds original vision concerning eye colour, type, size, and body length. He is a rare find and a precious gift. What is most appealing to me about Lenny is his temperament. He is not shy with his affection and loves to be close; a personality trait so typical of the Ragdoll breed. He follows my feet like they are his shadow and he gently grips my hand with his paws when I give him his tummy rub. 

I want to thank Louise Murrie from Happytyme cattery for this very much loved beautiful boy! 


Lenny is a closed stud. 

Lenny's pedigree below -

100% traces back to the foundation 


Some updated pictures of him above taken on 10/12/2015.  What a stunning boy he is growing up to be!!  

So, I snapped some pictures of him today 13/03/2016 and wow I can't believe how big he as grown ;-). Such a stunning boy!