Early neutering

Early Neutering/Spaying

Here at Leanty Ragdolls we believe in early neutering/spaying. It has been shown that neutering at 12 weeks instead of the traditional six months is associated with significantly lower complication rates, with shorter Surgical duration and quicker recovery rates. There are also many long turn benefits too:-

  • Likely to live longer. 
  • reduced incidence rate of urinary tract disease.
  • reduced incident rate of gingivitis.
  • reduced incidence rate of feline asthma in earlier neutered compared to traditional age neutered cats.
  • reduced risk of FIV and Felv.
  • less likely to suffer from mammary carcinoma.
  • reduced risk of some forms of cancer.

Other benefits from neutering also include population control and reducing sexually dimorphic behaviors such as urine spraying and aggression.