Unregistered kittens

There are more and more unregistered kittens about.  These kittens come from ('back yard breeders').  Their kittens are offered for sale for anywhere from 600 to 1800 pounds crazy right but true im afraid. Occasionally, these breeders list their kittens at even higher prices and then offer to reduce the price. These kittens are advertised as Ragdoll kittens. Sometimes they are advertised as Pedigree Ragdolls with no tests, no vaccines, no neutering/spaying, ect.. These breeders are only interested in your money. They are not interested in improving the breed. They do not show, so they do not understand TYPE. They do not attend seminars to educate themselves about the breed. They do not spend hours researching and asking questions. They see CASH. They offer something that they claim is a Ragdoll. All pedigree Ragdolls are registered with a governing body such as GCCF, TICA, and so on.

An unregistered kitten will not have papers.  And without a microchip, you cannot be sure that your new kitten is vet checked with all vaccines and health checked.

If a Ragdoll is intended as a future breeding cat, it should be very carefully selected. Only the best should go forward as a breeding cat, as they're meant to take the breed into the future. Cats sold as pets (non-active) were never intended to be breeding cats or maybe the breeder just didn't want to keep said girl/boy for breeding and sold to be neutered giving their owners a contract (that they could have broken).

There is a huge price difference between a pet cat (£600-800) and a potential breeding cat (£1000-2000). A breeding cat is put on the Active register where a pet kitten is not. A kitten from an unregistered breeder doesn't usually undergo all the expected level of veterinarian care as they leave at roughly 8 to 10 weeks.

If you're thinking of buying a Ragdoll, your kitten should be registered with a goving body i,e GCCF registered (none active), Vet checked, Vaccinated, FULLY


Flea treatment,

parents tested for -

HCM (hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), microchipped (I believe microchipping your kitten proves it's the kitten it is supposed to be, proves it had all the health checks, the kitten matches my paperwork. My kittens leave me spayed/neutered and all my cats are blood tested.

Please do not fall for, "Well they are going as pets so they dont need papers. This is not true. All kittens come with a registration. Whether you're thinking of breeding or not, the registration proves that your kitten is a real pedigree kitten. I have had a few people tell me their kitten died that they bought from a back yard breeder. They offered no help. If your kitten isn't registered and suddenly becomes sick, requiring vet care, you'll end up spending a lot of money you wouldn't have had to spend if your kitten was registered. I have heard a lot of upsetting stories that people have gone through having bought from these unregistered breeders. PLEASE DON'T DO IT. DON'T HELP THESE SCAMMERS KEEP BREEDING BY BUYING THEIR KITTENS.

If you are going to buy a Ragdoll, do your research and please get a registered kitten. I'm not saying that all registered breeders are great. Check the British Ragdoll Club for the registered breeders list. Go for a breeder that follows the code of ethics, do you research !!! go for a breeder that understands the breed and breeds for type, health, and temperament. When you buy a Ragdoll, it has to match the traits you were attracted to. NO back yard breeder cares about this as they themselves haven't bought a Ragdoll with breeding rights. They haven't done their research. They see money; your money and nothing else!

if you have been a victim to these breeders please report them as it is against the law under sales of goods act to sell a pedigree kitten that in fact isn't!!! 

A kitten brought from unregistered breeder the insurance is void as the kitten as not had any health checks before leaving them at 8-10 weeks so you are responsible for its health your kitten you just brought could have a serious reaction to the vaccine I do not advertise my kittens until after its first health check and vaccine to make sure the kitten you are viewing is happy and healthy !!