Ragsville Dolly Parton

This is Dolly my stunning chocolate tabby girl. Her sweet and gentle temperament melted my heart the day I met her and brought her home. Shes my little shadow that follows me everywhere, even to bed. When the lights are out, she will crawl right under the bed covers and cuddle up to me, or find a comfy spot above my head to sleep. I feel very lucky to be owned by this charming ragdoll. A big thanks to Mandy at Ragsville for my lovely girl.  

Shes had a few days out on the show bench an came second in all her main classes and there has been a lot of competition each time!! I am so proud of her. I have links to her show reports on my show page. (please feel free to take a look.)

Chocolate Tabby Pointed (66bt)

DNA colour tested

HCM and PKD tested clear

  Below are a few photos I have taken over our time together.  

Here are a few videos i thought you may enjoy!