kitten toys /pen made by knightscontractors

10389559_10152341250130939_2671862167567290972_n To the left is how the kitten pen started :) 


dscf7095   Excellent kitten pen was made to all fold up and just pack away just the top and the floor painted and its finished :) 


 dscf7246 To the left floor is all done :) 


dscf7395 the top of kitten pen :)


10426824_10152346273990939_5411061216768995076_n To the left is how the cheese block started after he cut and shaped it and cut the furr :)  


10446474_10152346472065939_9186550317931202567_n To the left this is what you call a cheese block made just for the kitten pen for the kittens to play in 


10525958_10152350229195939_1986821994640585783_n Haha he surely has made the cheese block his home :)