Champion Leanty Simba's Pride

My sweet boy Leanty Simba's Pride. A closed stud! He has a temperament to melt the heart! He's an attention seeker that will do anything for a tummy rub. Stand still too long and he will flop in front of you, roll onto his back and wait expectantly for attention. A stunning example of the breed that will be a pleasure for anyone to show! He is a lilac colour point. 


dscf5279 dscf5357 

 Above is of my lovely boy at just 14weeks old 


-This is him at 5 months old 


dscf6190     dscf6185 dscf6189 This is him at 6 an half months old.



His first show at just 7 months old!! on the 26/04/2014 at cambrigeshire cat show.

he came first in the main class!! and also won best of breed and came 3rd in the side class

dscf6474 At just 7months old!! 

 dscf6657 how he is changing my lovely boy at 8 months old


dscf6875        dscf6877

My stunning boy above enjoying the sun :) 


At just 10 months old, Leanty Simba's Pride enters his first show as an adult (the shared Humberside and Lincolnshire Cat Clubs Competition in July 2014) and comes away with a cc from both clubs! My lilac cp boy needs just one more cc to make him a champion!


picture below - 


below what a beautiful boy he has grown up to be!! 

dscf9837   dscf9841

 on the 28th of feb 2015 at the coventry and harts joint show my lovely lilac boy was made champion see his pictures below 




 DNA proven lilac (bbdd)