Videos of my Ragdolls :)





Video of Roy recorded 6th of jan so he was only 15 weeks old below :-) 


Video of roy at 19weeks old 1st feb 2014 :) 


Thought we would start a bit of high five training haha :) 

Kittens below born 04/06/2014 play in there kitten pen todays date 07/07/2014 :) - 


A normal day below hoovering with the raggie's dont think there bothered much that i need to hoover my rug!!!!! :-) 

Below is kittens that were born on the 11th feb 2015 at 3am!! 


Below is my beautiful girl Dolly playing with her cat-nip 


Below we have 3 blue girls 2 seal boys born 11th feb 2015 nearly 5 weeks old 



below kittens enjoying some play time age 6 weeks 


below is a video of my beautiful blue girl saffie plays fetch :-) 


Thought i would take a quick video today of the kittens all together i have just moved the little kittens (6weeks old nearly )out there kitten pen,  first time the bigger kittens have met them i have taken there big fluffy bed out and added more toys for play time they dont stay in the cage or kitten pen long they will be running around my house next week haha :-) 


i think this 1pound ball is becoming a bit of a nightmare the seal boys clearly dont wanna share!!!! there is 2 videos haha :-) 1 of the kittens pressed the tv control while i was recording first video!!! 



Meet Crixus this beautiful seal boy as now gone to his new home he is full of charater and is enjoying life with his new owners and is very much loved :-) xx