Early neutering

All of my kittens are neutered/spayed before they leave me!

 dscf1004 both girls had side spay pictures below 

dscf1008 dscf1007 pictures are taken 2 days after spaying 

dscf1072 This is one of the same girls 4days after spaying 

img_9513 This is same girl (side) just a week later :-) close up picture!!! 


dscf1010 this girl had midline picture taken only 2 days after spaying 

dscf1070 same girl who had midline 4days after spaying 

dscf1036 same girl who has had midline looking pretty 

untitled can you tell ive been neutered!!! haha 

dscf1066 same boy above who as been neutered 

dscf1052 same boy