New Owners Photo Board!

I do have alot more pictures to add to this page but here is a few thank you to everyone who as kept in touch with me and sent me updated pictures xxx 


below is george in his new home 

george lounge  george2

10375150_1471245193145764_3728190890097338254_n This is George now to the left, he as grew!!! what a big beautiful boy he is !!! :-) thank you katrin and jake for these lovely pictures of him xx 


Below is milo in his new home 


look how big milo is now below helping with revision :-) 

image (7)       

Below is Lucy what lovely pictures her new owners sent me thank you so much for these lovely pictures Julie i can see she is very loved and a stunning blue girl!!! 
lucy3 lucy4 
lucy7  lucy 5
lucy lucy6
image (4) haha what a lovely boy milo is look how chunky he is now :) 
This is kenji below in his new home thank you Maria for these lovely pictures of him :-) xxx
photo 2 (4)  photo 4 (4)photo 1 photo 5 (3)
Below is the lovely galaxy in her new home with her lovely family :-) thank you lisa for these pictures of her xxx 
10660105_1474090359527914_8812083553925208668_n   photo
below is this lovely little boy on his journey home with claire and mark :-) 
2014-09-13 15.15.45
more pictures below when claire and mark got home with him looks like he knows his home hahaha xxx 
2014-09-13 18.45.01 2014-09-13 18.51.19 2014-09-13 19.01.24-2  2014-09-13 19.46.51
Thank you so much julie and ian for these updated pictures below of lucy WOW she as surely grown into a stunning blue girl xxxx 
1969179_1486552988281651_8258033565149397021_n   10646763_1486553011614982_6276451094703572722_n 10686847_1486553084948308_5802044765615582376_n  10690145_1486553054948311_8440590143178834628_n 
Below are oliver and bowe in there new home thank you Freya an Luke for these lovely pics of them :-) 
oliver and bowe dsc_1072-1  20141019_143744
beautiful summer in her new home with her new family who adore her!! thanks so much Gill for these lovely pictures of her below - 
cat and mouse  big eyes
Below is the beautiful george look how big he has got!!! thank you so much katrin & jake for these lovely pictures of him xx
image1 image2
Thank you Rebecca for these lovely pics of Rosie and Bowser i can see they have made them selves right at home :-) xxx 
sleeping climbing
bowser and reindeer rosie (1)
bowser and brush
rosie sleep
Thank so much to katrin and jake for these lovely pictures of charlie who as gone to live with his half brother george :-) xxx 
image2   image3
Thank you sue for these beautiful pictures below of Arya ( poppet ) i hope to see this girl on the show bench soon :-) 
img_0027 img_0052
thank you rebecca for some stunning pictures of rosie and bowser below :-) xx
dsc05315 bath
Thank you sam for this beautiful picture below of Leanty jon snow (snow) what a gorgeous boy he is ;-) x
Just look at these two now below George and Charlie lovely pictures of them Katrin and jake ;-) x
11934937_10204506039600509_1822569339052766584_n 12115893_10153202653853354_8964866468472698012_n 
Below is the beautiful Ethel thank you for these lovely pictures richard and Alysia of her wow she as grown!! 
12319633_10156284445765273_338050697_n 12308408_1651674071769541_2987792462610527092_n
Thank you Freya for this picture of Oliver and Bowe below just beautiful ;-) 
below is the beautiful Gannicus he is looking really big now !! thank you kat for these pics of him ;-) 
dsc_0106 dsc_0423
below are pictures of Winnie a beautiful lilac tabby and samson a lilac cp boy both very beautiful!! :-) thank you leah for these pictures of them xx 
12438980_10207739107931075_5482501206145036867_n 12509376_10207739108211082_8036880341975313854_n
12509658_10207739105731020_7265760660093011031_n  12541066_10207739105491014_2743249227117249913_n
here below is some pictures of timmy which shows his lovely temperment thank you to beverly for letting me share these beautiful pictures of him 
and this is timmy now ;-)