Cheap Kittens

So you’ve decided you’re interested in buying a ragdoll kitten? Probably even had a look on the internet trying to get a feel for the going rates to make sure you’re getting a bargain, because everyone likes to think they’re getting a good deal Right!

You’ve probably seen the odd advert saying bargain Ragdoll kittens £250:00, 8 weeks old, ready now etc…..

--------You probably even thought that’s a great price -----------

 Especially when most adverts are normally priced around £400:00 and upwards

At these mega low prices how can you be sure they're even full pedigree ragdolls. They probably won’t even come with any papers, which means they are not registered with the GCCF. Usually, these cheap kittens are bred from cats which were never meant to be bred from and normally on the “Non Active register” which means their kittens can never have a proper pedigree (otherwise known as back yard breeding).

“When a ragdoll is intended as a future breeding cat they should be very carefully selected. Only the best should go forward as a breeding cat, as they're meant to take the breed into the future. Cats sold as pets (non-active) were never intended to be breeding cats, and there is a massive price difference between a pet cat (£400) and a potential breeding cat (£650+). A breeding cat is put on the Active register where a pet kitten is not. This means that any kittens they have may never be registered and will never be confirmed ragdoll kittens. You are essentially buying an expensive moggie!

Also these types of cheap bargain kittens have not usually undergone all the expected level of veterinarian care they should have i.e.:-

 Vet checked

  • Vaccinated
  • Wormed treatment
  • Flea treatment
  • HCM (hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) tested
  • PKD (polycystic kidney disease) tested

These are just some of the things you may not be getting for the cheap bargain price. Just imagine, you went ahead and paid the £250 for the little fluffy baby you fell in love with you take it home and in no time it starts to get extremely ill now you have to take it to the vet and the little bit of money you saved has now been consumed and the vet bills can now start heading into hundreds, even thousands. Worse still, your little one could die and leave you with big vet bills and a broken heart.

Ok there are no guarantees, with buying living animals, that they won't get sick; no one can promise you this.However, you will know that they have been given the best start care and medical treatment they deserve from a proper reputable breeder.Also, most good breeders sell their kittens with four weeks free pet insurance.