Kitten Policy

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Kitten Policy

Firstly here at Leanty Ragdolls we only breed occasionally. We do not always have kittens available. We breed because we have a real passion to produce healthy happy kitten, with loving affectionate personalities. We also look to take part in the show seen and hope to win many rewards in the future.

                Kitten Enquires

I do try to be very careful as to whom my kittens go to; you may find I ask a lot of questions about you and your family. This is to ensure that my kittens go to the right homes and they will be loved by you as much as they are by me. This is not to say you can’t have a kitten, it’s just some kittens have different needs shy timed kitten would be more suited to a quiet house, where as a playful forward kitten would be more suited to a family etc………

our kittens are sold as pets! (Neutered)

              Kitten Sale Agreement

Kittens can be put on option but not viewed until after their first vaccination at approx. 9wks, when a deposit can also be taken and the kitten then becomes reserved. The deposit of £100:00 is non-refundable unless I withdraw the kitten from sale for any reason, when you would get a full refund.

I do have a legally binding kitten contract which can be seen on your visit.

Our ragdolls are very precious to me, and this is my way to protect the future welfare of Leanty Ragdolls. All payments are expected in cash only!

Kittens will go to their new homes with:-

  • Certified pedigree
  • Legal binding kitten contract
  • Kitten pack
  • some food 

And all kittens will be:-

  • Litter trained
  • Vet checked
  • Vaccinated
  • Neutered
  • Treated for fleas and worms